Process intensification

E-PIC S.r.l. provides scientific and technological support in the optimization of existing processes as well as in the frame of technology development projects, in all phases of the development path, till industrialization.
More into details main E-PIC S.r.l. activities are process modeling and calculations, preparation of process documents, process intensification support during design of new plants and process survey on existing plants to find and remove bottlenecks through application of process intensification techniques, by increasing production rate and process optimization and reducing energy demand, carbon foot printing and water foot printing.

E-PIC S.r.l. approach consists in designing or re-engineering a process till chemical kinetic is the only limiting step: this means that all other processing limits, such as mass transfer, heat transfer and diffusion mechanisms are eliminated.

E-PIC S.r.l. established and continues to improve relationships and cooperations with academic centers, so to enhance University-industry technology transfers, with the aim to improve scientific knowledge and the development of innovative techniques and the implementation of new solutions.

E-PIC S.r.l. is actually working on:

  • Development of innovative process lines in the food industry, by applying turbo-centrifugal mixing, degassing and reaction equipment
  • Industrial application of cavitational technologies in the domain of food liquids, chemical, water treatments and hydrocarbon upgrading
  • Industrial application of forced not steady state in the domain of gas-solid catalytic reactions
  • Industrial application of multistage fluidized beds and spouted beds to solid state polymerization, to biomass and flyash carbon gasification processes
  • Development of cavitational systems for extraction of bioactive and nutraceutical compounds from vegetable plants